The AcuVigil™ Dashboard is one reason why our clients love us. One glance at their screen and they know the status of every connection across all their locations.

AcuVigil Dashboard

The AcuVigi Dashboard is Acumera’s cloud-based monitoring and alert service that provides real-time network status information at the company, store and device level.

Quickly View the Status of Your Entire Network

You don’t have to call an operating location and use valuable staff time to learn about the status of your network. Simply log into the AcuVigil Dashboard to see the status of all of your locations at a glance.

Need more information? Click on a location to get more detail about an alert or outage, authorize new network devices, and more.

Proactively Resolve Outages and Issues

Instead of relying on the on-site staff to call with issues, the Acumera Network Operations Center (NOC) and your IT team can proactively identify and resolve network outages and issues with our alerts system before they hurt business. The AcuVigi Dashboard also has a robust, easy-to-use help-ticket system that enables you to initiate tickets, check the status of open tickets, and view network history.

Easily Generate Network Data for PCI Assessments

The PCI Tools feature on the AcuVigil Dashboard makes it easy to gather important documentation for your PCI assessments. From automatic generation of current network configuration diagrams to archived logs of PCI events, our PCI tools will save you time, energy, and headaches.

Dashboard Features
  • WAN and LAN Status Alerts
  • Data Displays and Alarms
  • Intelligence System Integration
  • Security Policy Administration
  • Perimeter Security
  • Diagram Generation
  • 24/7 Network Operation Center (NOC) Access
  • Online Help Ticket System
  • PCI Tools

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