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Manage your entire network from a single dashboard.

Busy IT & operations teams 
ask one question  every day: 
"What's working?"

Acumera's centralized network visibility dashboard tells you what's working, and what's not working at glance, from anywhere.

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Acumera Network Visibility

The AcuVigil Dashboard for Network Monitoring & Management in the Cloud.

Get real-time network status at the company, store, and device level from anywhere.

Acumera UTM device

Your entire network 
in a single view

The typical retailer or restaurant manages an average of 25-100 Internet-enabled devices and systems. The AcuVigil Dashboard makes it easy to monitor connected devices from a single screen. LEARN MORE

Acumera Smart Switch

Increase network uptime

Remote network monitoring from the AcuVigil Dashboard means you can identify, quickly troubleshoot, and resolve issues before they impact your business.

acumera autovpn

Connect from anywhere, securely

The AcuVigil Dashboard is cloud-managed, so you have access when you're in the field or back at the office. Multi-factor authentication and one-touch AutoVPN control access and keep your data secure.




Read our white paper and get answers to these questions: 

- What is proactive support?
How can it save IT and operations time and money?
How do I transition my team to a proactive support framework?
What technology investments do I need to make? 

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