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What would a POS data breach mean to your business?

The financial impact can be damaging to your bottom line.

Savvy cyber-criminals prey on weak security practices. Retailers of all sizes needs to include perimeter security in their budget. The direct & indirect costs of a data breach could be devastating to your business.

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Download our report: The Cost of Data Breach to Small & Medium Size Retailers: and best practices to protect your network.


Enterprise-Level Security for Retail Chains of All Sizes

Acumera's managed security services come with retail industry expertise, a common architecture, and our commitment to reducing operational complexity without the enterprise price.

Acumera UTM device

One device for 
connectivity & security

Our Merchant Gateway is a unified threat management appliance hardened to protect your data at rest, and defends your network and IoT devices against the latest cyber threats.

Acumera Smart Switch

Smart Switch for segmentation and enhanced security

Enhanced security makes it easier to restrict vulnerable remote connections. Segmentation protects your card data, and you have visibility and control of every port and user.

acumera autovpn

Secure remote access

         Unsecured remote access is a leading  cause of data breaches. Our one touch AutoVPN is easily activated only when you need to connect and has automatic timed cut off.

Acumera Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication 
security & compliance

Securing customer data and your card
data environment requires strong access security.
We help you meet PCI DSS 8.3 with our
 two-factor authentication solution.

Acumera PCI Compliance icon


PCI DSS is complicated to mange.
You can activate our PCI tools directly from
the AcuVigil dashboard: PCI ASV external scanning,
internal scanning, web filter, and Acumera's PCI DSS AOC.



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